EST. 2020

Lets go back to the year 2020...

After going through one of the toughest years of my life I decided to get back into reading and picked up Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

Little did I know I had picked up magic.

That series became my escape, a place where pain didn't break you but made you stronger. The stories and characters contained within those pages helped me through a very difficult time - but - when I finished the series and my tears had dried (ifkyk) I wanted to remember.

I wanted a reminder of my new found inner strength, but more importantly I wanted a memento of the lessons I had learnt and the characters I had loved.

And that is how Halo blossomed...


Halo started as a spark of creativity at 20, while I was juggling textbooks and deadlines at university. Fast forward to today, and that spark has become a burning flame and Halo is now my full time job!

As a reader, writer and actor I am constantly inspired by stories, and that inspiration flows into every piece I create. But, more than that it is the way that these stories make us feel that truely makes an impact on our lives.

It is in these stories that we can feel seen, heard and understood in a way like never before. I strive to capture this essence in Halo's pieces so that we may be reminded of this feeling every time we wear it.



You spoke & we listened! Most jewellery brands have insane markups on their jewellery and at Halo we don't believe in over charging, which is why we have priced all our pieces honestly with the goal of bringing you stylish, affordable and quality jewellery.


Who doesn't love a bit of secret magic?! All designs are our own and we work closely with sustainable and ethical suppliers to bring these magical visions to life.


I believe that her story deserves to be told - no matter who she is, what she looks like or where she comes from. With this in mind we are very proud to say that with every order placed we give a portion of the profits to charity!