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“For every Nesta out there- climb the mountain.” - Sarah J Maas

This ring is for the Nesta's, the Gwyn's, and the Emerie's. For the women who climb the mountains. Together we are the Valkyrie.

This ring is for us, to remind us who we are and what we are capable of. We are capable of strength, courage, and perseverance. As the Valkyrie and with this ring, we carry the stories and bravery of these amazing women with us always. And when we wear it we can be reminded that we can climb the mountain.

This story is unlike any other, and neither is this ring. 

*The V stands for Valkyrie. Which represents not only ourselves but also Nesta, Gwyn, and Emerie. 

*The star in the centre represents Carynth, the star that rests over the mountain Ramiel. It's to remind us of the dawn when those three women, bruised and broken, looked upon the mountain and the stars and decided the take the breaking and climb that mountain.

*The wings represent freedom. When we conquer the mountains we all face - and when we reach the summit, we can feel the chill of the open air and endless sky above us. Even if there are a hundred more mountains to face, we know what we are capable of. 

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+ Based on A Court of Silver Flames by the amazing Sarah J Maas.


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